I’m Roby Fitzhenry, a Creative Director and Brand Strategist with a love for brand identity. I have an extensive track record of successful brand building, including starting Always Creative in 2007 and co-founding Manready Mercantile in 2013. I’m currently growing AC while creating dialogue around mental health for creative people.

Brand focused

My life’s work will always be centered around brand identity design. It has been a passion that I’ve been committed to for almost 20 years. I’m ready to make my mark on the industry.

Creative intuition

I’m a sledgehammer, not a scalpel. My creativity activates when there is a problem to solve or a truth to find. Grit is something I have earned through a decade of the self-employment.

A love for copy

I believe good copywriting beats good graphic design. Instead of learning to write code, I chose to pursue copywriting. It is now a cornerstone of my strategy and branding work.

Strategy first

I don’t sit around and doodle. I’m not an artist. Every project I work on has an informed strategy that lifts it up and propels it forward. Without it, I’m a meandering child in a sandbox.